19th July 2004
Tanya will be playing live on Mark Radcliffe's Radio 2 show next Monday, the 26th of July, which is the same day that the new album "Whiskey Tango Ghosts" will be released.

9th March
Added a downloads section with MP3s of recent UK sessions.

21st February
The message board on the official Tanya site is now up and running here and Tanya is hoping to visit it and post on a regular basis. The official site will be appearing at very soon. Also, because the official MB looks so nice I have put plans for a message board on this site on hold for the moment.

22nd January
A bit late with this news, sorry. Tanya's new album "Beauty Sleep" will be released on February 18th and you can pre order it at Audiostreet (it is cheaper than Amazon when you include the P&P costs).

17th January 2002
Tanya will be playing three UK dates in February, see tour page for details.
Thanks to Ian for the info.

6th December
Tanya is at number 3 in the Mark & Lard record of the week poll, so if you haven't voted already then click the link below.

4th December
Vote for "The Storm" on Mark & Lard's 2001 record of the week poll here.

2nd November 2001
"Kermit's Tanya Donelly Pics" is relaunched as (any suggestions for a better site name gratefully received).

New EP "Sleepwalk" will be released on the 19th November, with the new album planned for 4th February 2002.

Mark Radcliffe on Radio 1 has been playing "The Storm" from the new EP as his record of the week this week. From his comments about how much he likes it, I fully expect him to keep playing it next week (if the playlist clerk lets him).

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